February 7, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Teenager: Necessity

Through the Eyes of a Teenager: Necessity 

I'm going to be honest, and tell you right now that I have a list of a few things that I wish I could have. Things that I could definitely live without, and some that I might just want one more of. But they're probably things that I don't need. 

Have you ever gone shopping and just wanted everything in the store? Or you had dinner with your family and one night you couldn't have seconds? Or you went to the neighborhood pool party at your neighbors and wished your house was as big as theirs? 

We all have wishes. Things we want and hope for. But in reality...they're not needed and unnecessary. We get so caught up in wanting things we don't have, that we forget to be thankful for the things that we do have. We forget that other people around the world are lucky to even get to eat or sleep under a roof one day.

It breaks my heart into a million pieces, every time I see this picture.

There are children, teenagers, adults, and families out there who have nothing. They might just have each other, beg for food, and live on the streets. And as I've been thinking about these few things that I've wanted lately - Those starving children have also come into my head.

I thought to myself  "Oh how much they would LOVE to just have one meal, or toy of their own, or one clean outfit to wear."

When, in my house:
I have an abundant amount of clothes
I have clean water that I can get anytime I want.
I have a safe house to live in.
I have parents who love and care for me.
...and the list goes on...

So as I think and put my list to the side. I'm remembering that I wouldn't want to be starving, or thirsty, or have no clothes. I wouldn't want to be homeless or have no family.

I remember those kids. Their precious lives. And our amazing God.

Through Him, I'm thankful for all that I have and all that He's given me!


Beka said...

Great post!! I love it!


Michlyn said...

Thanks! I wasn't going to make it a "Through the Eyes of a Teenager" post, but I decided that it seemed good enough!

Now it's time to start a new series! :)


Brittany said...

Wow, that picture just breaks my heart. Now that i am looking into the country that we are adopting from, i see more than ever how spoiled americans are.

Love your blog, Michlyn!

Michlyn said...

Thanks Brittany! I saw this picture going around facebook a lot, and I just couldn't believe how crazy the difference is.

We are so blessed to live in this country!