May 14, 2012

Joy Dare {Week 1}

Week 1 of my challenging Joy Dare!!

May 1st - 3 gifts tasted

1. My mom's hearty wild rice soup

2. Corn muffins that I successfully made

3. One my new favorite candies...yum

May 2nd - 3 gifts that are flat

1.The laptop, that we all use a lot for homework, emailing, and staying connected with friends.
2. My iPod, that I use every. single. day. I love it!
3. My yearbook... So many memories and notes from friends! It's been an amazing first year of high school. 

May 3rd - 3 gifts found in difficult people
1. I'm going to be honest and say that our President can be very difficult. One gift I find in him, is his strength and courage to lead our country - with every twist and turn.
2. Some people at school. Certain people don't know how to contain their own drama, and it can drive me crazy. The gift I see in them, is their ability to get help. It's better to tell others what you're going through, instead making bad decisions and going through it yourself.
3. My littlest sister Tareh Jo can also be very difficult. One gift I find in her, is the way she continues to live her life. With her past so heartbreaking terrible, I admire her strength and beauty. Man is she gorgeous! 

May 4th - 3 gifts before 9am
1. A nice morning shower before school, after a night of staying up way too late working on projects.
2. Quick breakfast drinks on the go
3. A quiet and nice ride to school with 2 of my siblings and my dad

May 5th - a gift in a sign, a smile, & a snack
1. Signs all over school that say "Buy a yearbook". Brings back the memories of the school year.
2. Smiles from school friends today. It was the last day for seniors, and everyone was in a good mood.
3. Snacks after school, before a relaxing weekend starts.

May 6th - 3 gifts found in Christ
1. He died for me, for you, and for the whole world. Just to take our punishment away.
2. His forgiveness, when I know I made a mistake.
3. His never ending love, that makes me smile even on a hard day.

May 7th - 3 gifts about your home

1. Ethiopian artwork!

2. The beautiful sunlight that comes through our dining room window!

3. The pictures that hang on our living room walls!

Week 1 is done!

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