May 31, 2012

Joy Dare {Week 4}

It's the last week of my Joy Dare - Week 4!

May 22nd - 3 gifts that make you laugh

1. My brother Scout. He just graduated from Kindergarten, and this is his teacher. She would tell my mom all of his little stories and jokes and they totally crack us up. He's our little comedian.

2. My best friend Beka. Just thinking about all of our conversations makes me laugh. She's a funny one!

3. My dad. His sense of humor is great! He makes me laugh everyday! I couldn't imagine life without my dad.

May 23rd - 3 gifts found in community
1. My youth group.
2. My school.
3. Fun shops in our town only a few minutes away.

May 24th - A gift in a pot, a plate, a package

1. Pot - The food that my mom and dad made - yum!
2. Plate - Well this is a given. Almost everyone knows I'm a food fanatic, so it's definitely food!
3. Package - A sweet blogger friend sent me, my mom, and my sisters a package with gifts inside. :)

May 25th - 3 gifts hard giving thanks for

1. The neighbor kids - They are a pain sometimes but I have to remember they are just kids.
2. People I know really well that complain, complain, and complain some more. I know that sometimes you just have to let it out.
3. Non-working vehicles that take lots of $$ to fix. It's part of life.

May 26th - A gift worn, white, whispered

1. Worn - My favorite pair of jeans that I bought on sale.
2. White - Paper towels to clean up messes.
3. Whispered - Something my little brother told me.

May 27th - 3 gifts found in church

1. My crazy friends
2. My EPIC (<-- his favorite word) youth pastor
3. The truth that is spoken out of God's Word, and all of the amazing things I learn about our Lord.

May 28th - 3 gifts in today's work

1. Doing a photoshoot with Beka!
2. Going to the library with Beka, my sister, and my mom
3. Getting to drive!

May 29th - 3 gifts at 8am, 12pm, & 8pm

1. 8am - Still sleeping :)
2. 12pm - Lunch
3. 8pm - Peace and quiet as my little sister was in bed; after I watched her for a couple hours

May 30th - 3 gifts blue (YES, it's my favorite color!)

1. The color of my nails a little while ago
2. The shirt I was wearing today 
3. The color of one of my journals

May 31st - 3 gifts you gave today

1. Taking pictures of Beka today.
2. Willing to watch my little sister while my mom went to one of my brother's soccer games.
3. Not waking up my sister and letting her sleep in a little later than usual.

Well that's it! Thanks to everyone who read through these, and left comments. It really motivates me to be grateful for what I have! Ann Voskamp is the creator of the Joy Dare, and she has a new one every month. Some of you might think she sounds familiar, because she is the author of "One Thousand Gifts". If you think you'd be interested in doing this, you can head over to her blog A Holy Experience and find the June Joy Dare in one of her upcoming posts.

 I dare you...And Week 4 is done!

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Beka said...

You did a great job on this! I was thinking about doing it, but I don't I'm going to!