May 19, 2012

Joy Dare {Week 2}

May 8th - 3 gifts inside a closet

1. My TRAP journals from youth group 
2. Almost all of my clothes are in my closet
3. Storage bins full of memories 

May 9th - 3 gifts found in the dark

1. My bed, so I can sleep peacefully at night
2. The street lamps outside as they show a little light each night on the roads
3. The stars, and how beautiful they look even as the nights get longer

May 10th - a gift outside, inside, & upside down

1. Outside - The view of a beautiful sunset
2. Inside - Brothers quietly watching some TV
3. Upside down - Littlest sister being a little crazy, and hanging upside down on her chair in the dining room.

May 11th - 3 gifts about my parents

1. Their love for each other, even on the bad days
2. How hard they work to take care of us
3. They listen to each other and make decisions together

May 12th - 3 gifts held in hand today

1. iPod - Time to relax and read blogs
2. Washcloth - To keep my face clean and to wake myself up this morning
3. Camera - Taking a few pictures of our life today

May 13th - 3 gifts found in my mother

1. Her patience
2. Her organization
3. Her cooking

May 14th, - A gift picked up, put away, put back

1. Picked up - Legos, so I don't step on them
2. Put away - Winter clothes, that I'm grateful to have but ready for summer
3. Put back - Something at the store that I wanted, but know that I can live without

Week 2 is done!

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