May 27, 2012

Joy Dare {Week 3}

May 15th - 3 gifts about you

1. I'm a leader and try to help in anyway I can
2. I'm a great big sister
3. I'm not a bragger, so this was really hard

May 16th - 3 gifts found in His word

1. The knowledge that I need to hear
2. The truth that is spoken
3. The miracles He performed

May 17th - A gift in a bag, a box, a book

1.A bag - My school work from the school year; my accomplishments
2.A box - Odds and ends from my life, I loved looking through the box a couple days ago
3.A book - The suspense and adventure that I love reading about in mystery books

May 18th - 3 gifts unexpected
1. The engagement of my cousin, her ring is beautiful!!
2. The time to hang out with my friends from choir & band
3. Unexpected summer plans

May 19th - 3 gifts from your childhood

1. Loving parents that taught me so much
2. Growing up in a Christian home
3. Having everything I needed

May 20th - A gift sweet, sour, and salty

1. Sweet - A smoothie from my mom
2. Sour - Candy spray from friends
3. Salty - A snack with my friend, while playing a game

May 21st - 3 gifts found in little people

1. My littlest brother Scout - His sense of humor
2. Little kids at church that make me smile
3. Watching my little brothers play soccer with their friends

Week 3 is done!


Brooke said...

That ring is beyond gorgeous. I love these dares. They are so interesting.:]

Michlyn said...

I know, it's beautiful! ;) They are very interesting and challenging. You can go to Ann Voskamp's blog (she wrote One Thousand Gifts) and get the June Joy Dare, if you want. It should be coming out in a couple days in one of her posts.