August 18, 2012

New Deadline & Update


Hey bloggers! I am so excited about the response I got from my Photo Challenge. You all are great at photography & your entries are fantastic!

In order to get my winners hooked up with a brand new blog design, I need the deadline to be sooner. Since I'll be heading back to school next week!

So the new deadline is: Monday, August 20th!
I'll be reminding people who want to enter and haven't yet about this new deadline. If anyone else would like to, then just update your blog post about it. :)

A little update:

I'll be picking 5 finalist, and 3 winners! I just had to switch it up, since there is no way I could pick between just one picture! Each winner will get a new blog design! (if they choose; or other prize) The 2 finalist that don't make it into the top, will get a special mention about their blogs (including their pictures) right here! And everyone's picture will be featured on my blog. :)

Thank you!!!


Hannah said...

Ooo... Cool :) thanks Michlyn, for hosting this :)

Hannah said...

Can't wait to see everyone else's photos :)

Michlyn said...

I'm very excited to show you the finalists & the winners! :)

You are so welcome! It's been fun!

Priya said...

Here is my entry! Sorry it's so late.