August 9, 2012

My Blog - 1 year ago

August 2011

One year ago... My little blog came alive. I wrote this post as a quick introduction. I became a blogger in that one moment... opening a whole new world.

I've met some amazing and sweet people. I started following some very inspirational blogs. I love writing about my life's adventures. I feel comfortable writing my feelings because my blog is a different place. 

I share my little world with 16 awesome followers, and the internet who has yet to discover my blog. I've come a long way this year, and my blog has changed a lot. The design, the focus, & and even what my blog means. What it means to me, and what it should mean to my readers.

Now 1 year later, I'm near 200 posts, I've got 16 followers, and a new mind set. I plan to blog for as long as I can. Be prepared when a new blog design comes this way! Plus, a few more surprises.
August 2012
I want to thank you all! You've supported me, helped me reach more people, and have become great friends. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for me & my blog!


Jess said...

that's awesome! :) congrats!

Brittany said...

One year, what a great milestone! Congrats!

Emma said...

congrats, girl!

Brooke said...

Congrats! And your comment about you having less followers than me? That doesn't matter! After all Jesus only had 12.=] Love your blog!

Michlyn said...

Thank you all! I'm so honored to have great friends like you, who follow my everyday journey.

Brooke - But now he has millions! :)

I'll have to stop by each & every one of your blogs! <3

Ireland said...

Congratulations on the one year!!!! I am there in less than a month so I'm excited!!! Your blog is super cute and I really like it!!!!

Hey and would you consider entering my giveaway at my blog? I don't have many people in it yet and I'm hoping to get more!!! :)

God bless!