August 15, 2012

*Update* Photo Challenge

Did I mention there was a prize?!?!

I didn't?! 

Oh well... then you're all in for a treat!

The prize of my first time ever Photo Challenge on Small Town Girl will be...

*drum roll please*

A blog design by yours truly! :)

Thinking you need some sprucing up? I can find the right stuff to make your blog look perfect! And if you don't want a new blog design, then we'll come up with a different prize.

Keep the entries coming! 


Brittany said...

Is it alright if there is more than a flower in my photo? Like a flower and a dragonfly or butterfly, or do you just want plain flowers? Either way works for me, but I was just wondering.

Michlyn said...

Nope that would be just fine Brittany! I already have some lovely photos with other little creatures in them. :)

Can't wait to see your entry!

Julia said...

Hey Michlyn,

Thank you for your kind words and for following my blog. It's a real encouragement to hear from people like you!

And yes, your right, I'm a very energetic girl! :)

Luvv, Julia

Lindy Joy said...

Cool! a blog design!

Brittany said...

Alright Michlyn, here is my entry: