August 21, 2012

Photo Challenge Finalists!

The moment most of you have been waiting for! The Finalists from my Photo Challenge!

From Lindy Joy!

From Brooke!

From Hannah!

From Priya!

From Jess!

Those are your 5 finalists! Awesome job girls!

Honorable mentions:

This photo was taken by: Rachel
This photo was taken by: Brittany

This photo was taken by: Jessica

This photo was taken by: The R.A.D. Group

Thanks girls for entering!

Ok followers, whether you entered or not... let's comment below and show the girls some love! They all did such a great job!

P.S. Come back tomorrow to see the winners!!!!


Hannah said...

Ooo... Yay! I'm a finalist, thanks Michlyn :)
Wow, everyone else has done an amazing job... Well done! Beautiful photos! :)

R.A.D Group said...

wooooooooo!!!!!!! i am a honourable mention! thanks heaps michlyn!! good luck to ya'll!!