May 25, 2013

Annnndd School is OUT!

Wow guys...I'm actually done with school. My sophomore year of high school is over.

I'm officially a junior. Whoa. Crazy. Scary. Sort of.

And I think it was my favorite year of high school so far. Last year it was my first year back to school after being homeschooled for 2 years. So this year I knew a lot more people and I was more comfortable. I got to know so many more people this year, started playing volleyball again on our school's team, and actually had a social life. :)

Here are only a few of my favorite memories of the year. Of course I don't take pictures of everything (need to work on that) so it's just somethings that were my favorite and came to mind.

Me #1:::Official varsity jersey:::driving to school early:::volleyball girls - my team praying:::
blogging:::getting my license:::Snowdaze 2013:::snowtubing with friends:::
watching basketball & baseball games w/ friends:::growing in my faith:::my good friend Jake & I on field day:::Me # 2

My last day of Sophomore year included:

Dressing up with my best friend and going to the last baseball game of the school year! We had tons & tons of fun!! Now it's on to SUMMER 2013...Prepared to make this the best summer yet!


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Brooke said...

Ahh yea!=D I mean, I've only been out since the 9th...but still--happiness!(; You are {so} gorgeous, and I loved the pictures! Hope you have a fabulous summer.

xxx, brooke

P.S. I totally smirked when I saw a certain picture. COUGHCOUGHCOUGHHGIGGLE.