May 31, 2013

Wish I'd Never Grown Up.

You're sitting in your room...playing Barbies or Legos. Crashing cars together or combing your favorite doll's hair.

Laughing and playing like the world will never end. Running around in your superhero cape or dress-up clothes.

Looking at your mommy and wishing that you were as pretty as her. Dreaming to wear that red lipstick or bright nail polish. Watching your daddy shave and lift heavy stuff. Hoping to be as strong as him one day.

Just an innocent little kid waiting for the day when you're big enough to drive around a real car or do your own make-up.

Then 10 years passes by like the wind, and you're a teenager learning how to fit in and get through life's crazy stuff.

The reality is that growing up is way harder than we thought. It's more than just hanging out with friends, driving fast cars, looking pretty, or watching TV like a boss. includes actually becoming responsible, paying for your cell phone bill, helping to grocery shop, watching your little siblings, working hard in school so you can graduate, and maturing into the person that God wants you to be.

And did I mention innocent above? Oh yeah I did...There are so many things that we don't know as little kids. We don't know what drugs or alcohol are, we don't know that bullying even exists in school, or what suicide even is. We think guns are things that cowboys use in the wild west not a common weapon, or that music in the world can be so obscene.

Yeah there's puberty to go through and good hygiene to learn but that's just natural and normal stuff. Of course there are those awkward and funny moments about that stuff, but it's just part of growing up.

And it's hard and frustrating, good and awkward, humorous and exciting. We just have to make wise decisions and live in the moment. Realize that no matter what we go through will pass and we will grow to become mature people.

And sometimes I pretend that I'm a little kid again with no internet access, playing Barbies in my room with my little sister, or swinging with the wind in my hair. But to live without pretending is to take the hard challenges straight on and crush them!

Deep down inside we're still that little kid...Just a bigger version wishing to go back in time.


S.W. said...

Nice post! <3

Gosh, it sure is 'hard' growing up! :) So much responsibility...but I do love it...I mean: life, its an adventure to live, right?! I know I wish I was still just a kid sometimes, but still, there are so many awesome things to do as we grow up! :)

Michlyn said...

Totally agree! It's a fun and crazy adventure and full of challenges. But I really miss the innocence of it all. :)

Thanks for being such a faithful follower!

Emily Beth said...

oh, what i would give to go back to those days. the kicker for me is that i could not wait to grow up and be an adult. i thought that i would know everything and life would be perfect. HAHA. great post :)