May 14, 2013

Catchin' up on Instagram


So I'd thought I'd give you a little catch up on my instagram since the beginning of April.

I really don't know if people really like seeing my instagram pics, but it's a fun place to document them.

Anyway if you don't have an instagram you can click right! And that will bring you right to my page. :)

So here's a great big collage for you that's full of random pictures from my life.

driving my brothers around for a fun day//started running again//outfit//bff Beka and me//
fishie necklace my grandma made//district blitz conference//sister and friends at a hotel//my Bible//
band The Neverclaim//beautiful sun//playing Candy land with my brother//my best friend trying a food for the first time//
black&white selfie//baseball game for my school @ the metrodome//another selfie//Megan & I on field day//beautiful sista Erin

And that would sum bits and pieces up of my crazy life. Thanks for following along! :)


1 comment:

Hannah said...

I've never understood instagram... to me it's just a flying camerathat follows you around and takes pictures at random times... but the magical flying camera took some pretty fun pictures :)