May 27, 2013

Way Easier Than I Thought

So everyone has been saying that Google Reader is shutting down...

I didn't really believe it at first because I haven't gotten a notice from Google.

But sure enough it is closing. Bummer.

So everyone has been posting about moving all their blogs they follow onto Bloglovin'. 

And it just sounded like a lot of work since Google Reader isn't shutting down until July 1st.

I just wanted check it out to see if I could get it done. Oh my goodness.

The website is so easy and welcoming. Just a few clicks here, make sure to sign up, put in your email, & it imports all your favorite blogs for you!

WAY easier than I thought. Now I'm even more curious to look around and see if I can find any new blogs to follow.

You can find me and my blog if you search: Small Town Girl. I'm the 12th down the list.



S.W. said...

Yeah, I thought it was gonna be complicated too - I was so happy when I found how easy it was! I might even like Bloglovin better! :)

Sierra said...

I had heard that you could switch it over pretty easily but it was VERY easy. I'm being lazy and not using it as much as I should (since I still have them coming into my dashboard and all) but I will be and I'm looking forward to using Bloglovin. I don't know about new ones for me though...I follow a bunch already :P

Michlyn said...

Totally agree with you Sierra! I've only found 1 other new blog to follow, otherwise I follow pretty much the same ones through bloglovin' that I do through blogger.