May 19, 2013

When I Look in the Mirror...

Sometimes when I look in the mirror...

I see beauty. I see uniqueness. A daughter specially designed by our King. Flawless.

And other times...

I see scars. And bumps. I see the flaws. The imperfect skin and hair.

When really, all I want to see is that girl who is perfect in the eyes of her Father. The one who has no mistakes or flaws on her body. Who's hair is always in place. She doesn't need makeup to feel pretty. Who doesn't have to cover those spots of past breakouts to see the beauty.

That feeling isn't always there though. There is only that very seldom day where the mirror and I agree with each other. I know that Jesus is looking at me every morning when I get ready. When I add the color to my eyes and cream to my face. And I'm sure he is sometimes shaking his head and saying "You're perfect just the way I've made you". 

But's it's hard to grasp that concept. As girls we are pressured into wearing clothes that are "in style", to get that new nail polish color, or to be bold with a new hairstyle.

He sees the way I dress. He sees the frown on my face when I look at my stomach and legs. How I think they protrude more than they should. The self-consciousness that creeps up and is there to ruin my self-esteem.

Then I realize that this feeling can change. I can pray all I want for God to "make me skinnier" or "please let money fall out of the sky so I can go buy that new accessory". The thing is... it won't work without your effort. You have to start to make a change.

To get dressed and smile because you're happy in your own skin.

When you skip the concealer and accept your small scars.

To go for runs and give your body some motivation.

Look up to the sky and say "Thank you Jesus for making me who I am"!

And when you look in the mirror with that attitude...You're gonna see the girl you've been waiting to see. The happy, bold, and proud girl that's been dying to come out.

Because she's behind the mirror...I know she is...You've just got to search a little harder because she's beautiful no matter what!

Treat yourselves well girls! You're worth it.

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Emily Beth said...

beautiful post, and i really need to keep those quotes in mind, especially when it comes to facing myself in the mirror. thank you!