May 17, 2013

Another Start to a New Series!

It's been quite a while since I've done a series...and I just love them!! They're fun & creative.

So my new series is called........

Just like my In the Eyes of a Teenager series...I'll be taking real life stuff. Except it will be things that pertain to my life. Real. Raw. Hardcore. Stuff. 

Some might be inspiring, jaw-dropping, or thoughtful. But it's stuff that I've always wanted to write, but never have found the words to actually tell the story. My first post has already been written & you can see that right here.

Hope you enjoy this series and if you ever have a story that you think would be good for a series like this...go ahead and write it, use the button above (you can save it or copy it), contact me with your link post, and then I might just share it right here on my own blog.

Thanks to all my fabulous readers and followers! You guys keep me going and give me such positive and thoughtful feedback. I'm sooo close to 50 followers...I never even dreamed that would happen. My goal was never to have the most followers, but it's wonderful.

Hope you continue to follow along!

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S.W. said...

Hey Michlyn! Nice series idea, I'm looking forward to it; and congrats on 49 followers! :) I'd love it if you checked out my blog: