August 9, 2011

Small Town Girl

Hey all you blog readers -

I just started this blog, and am super excited about it. You can read my "About me" page to learn more about me and my life. :) I'm no ordinary person... just like everyone else. We're all created differently, and in our own unique way!

This is going to be a short post, as I am just getting started.

Are you a small town girl? Do you find this blog interesting? Leave me a comment... I like to hear from anyone - even strangers. That's how you meet new friends; which I love by the way. FRIENDS are so important to me.

Have a great day! 



Anonymous said...

hey girl, i'm not sure how i didn't know about your blog earlier, but reading through some of this stuff- its pretty neat. i can hear you saying it as i read it :) some parts made me smile and some made my heart pang :( i totally relate to alot of this stuff! and it gives me a new look at you. reading this also kind of inspired me. i have a bunch of typewritten diary entries on the computer in my room, and i update to myself every night :) wondering if you would mind if i set up my own blog? i don't want to take away your thing so please be honest when you get back to me. i have other stuff to keep me busy.

i love you girl.

Michlyn said...

Hey Anna! I just started my own blog a couple of weeks ago, and kept kind of a "secret". Anyway I'm glad more people are finding it fun and interesting. (especially my friends and family)I'm glad you can relate to a lot of it. haha A lot of people say they can just hear me saying this stuff. :) I try to keep it simple and fun! That's how I got the idea to make my own blog. remember my journal post? I just finished writing in there and decided to record my days on here instead of on paper. I would love for you to make your own blog - On ONE condition. I help you make it. I could make you a header (the pictures on the top of the blog with the title) and I know a place to find super funky/country backgrounds. So if we can set something up this week(end) that would be perfect! Can't wait to help see the finished "product"

Your soul sister,

Ireland said...

Your first post is so much better than my first!!!! :)