August 27, 2011


So I have been working on embroidering a new towel. This past Christmas, I got quite a few towels from my Aunt and Grandma. Then, my mom surprised me with a TON of different thread colors and patterns.

These patterns, you iron onto the towel and follow the lines with your thread in your chosen color. So here's some pictures of the steps.
You can iron the towel before you iron the pattern onto it if you choose. It's completely optional. This time I skipped that part.

After that, you choose and cut out your pattern. Make sure you pin the pattern down or it can slip very easily and it won't turn out very well.

This is the pattern on the towel. It says: "Love begins at Home". I thought it would be perfect since we just moved into a new house.
This is a small glass box that I've had forever. I've used it for many different things, but now it sits on my dresser filled with threads, extra needles, and sewing scissors.

Hope this helped!

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