August 11, 2011


In November of 2008 my grandparents gave me a diary or journal - whatever you want to call it, for my birthday. So for the past 3 years I've written some of my daily thoughts, and adventures in it.

No I did not write in it every day.

Just on the days that I remembered I actually had it, or maybe I just found it laying on the floor in my closet or something, and decided to pick it up.

Anyway... Today was the last day. The last day that I'm ever going to write in it again. Right before I posted this, I finished writing on the last page.

This journal has many memories, good times, and struggles written all over it.

And it's locked up, safe and sound. And where is the key you might ask? It's safe where no one will find it. :)

Yes I am definitelly a "doodler"... if that's even a word. I love to draw simple random things on any piece of paper I have in front of me. Or in this case, my journal.



Beka said...

I'm soo going to find that key! or you could do the nice thing and tell me where it is?!


Michlyn said...

Haha no way!! I threw the journal some where in my room and I don't even remember where it landed. :)

I know where the key is, but I'm not telling you where either are.


P.S. Plus there's confedential and immature stuff in there... Would I like you to read it?? Not. Happening.

Beka said...

ok we are going to have to work something out here, this is going to drive me crazy til' I read it! ok the day you get married I get to read it! ok?