August 14, 2011

My Sunday

My Sunday afternoon was amazing.

Had so much fun with friends! Went to a picnic by a lake and just hung out! Loved every minute of it!

My friends never ever fail to make me laugh & that's why I love them.

Me and one of my best friends Beka! We're inseparable. See each other at least twice a week.

Enjoy your last few hours of the weekend!


Beka said...

I was just looking back at some of your old post! I remember this day you were in such a bad mood this day!
do you remember why you were in a bad mood?

Michlyn said...

Yep I remember! Ugh I have never been in that bad of a mood. That sucked... but hey it wasn't my fault I was in a bad mood! lol

Beka said...

lol I can't remember why you were( thats not surprising I don't remember)
you're going to have to tell me tomorrow