December 21, 2012

Best Friends | 2 Years

This is late again...just like last year, but I'm gonna post it anyway. (Last year's post is right here)

It's the "anniversary" of how long Beka & I have been friends.

2 years people!

Some of you follow her blog Black is a Color. She loves colors - hence the blog title.

We've actually known each other since we were really little, but once Beka started coming to our youth group...we connected again. We hung out more, talked more, went on our first youth trip/conference together, and continue to make way more memories! :)

It feels like forever and I don't know what I would do with out her. She's seen me at my worst and my very best and even at my middles. We tell each other everything and talk about EVERYTHING. From boys, to shopping, to the weird people we encounter, to pranks, to makeup, to youth group, to holidays, to family, to college, and everything in between.

We're basically like sisters. I just love all the memories we've made and things sure have changed... but I can remember quite a few things. A best friend is someone who does the weirdest things with you.

When we talked on the phone with people for 5 hours.
When we stayed up really late, ate pizza rolls, and dipped our feet in wax to make them softer.
When we played endless games of CLUE and MONOPOLY.
When we did a photo shoot at midnight and my feet nearly froze off.
When we went to a cousin's wedding and danced like no one was watching.
When we have sleepovers and end up smacking or kicking each other, during the night.
When we watch pointless videos and laugh like hyenas.
When we were really hyper and took pictures with your stuffed animal skunk.
When we wake-up in the morning and look like petrified squirrels and that's not even bad.
When we stayed up and just ate bowls and bowls of potato soup last year on New Years.
When we went to valleyfair and I stole a refill for our jumbo smoothie.
When we take retarded pictures and count them as ones that actually turned out.
When we slept in the jumpy castle at church and the monster came out of you because people woke us up.
When we scream like little girls playing the game 'sardines' in the dark church at the lock in.
When we went to Lincoln, Nebraska and heard "poking fun at" for the first time.
When we went out shopping with Anna and the employee at the restaurant said "jelly fish, jelly fish, jelly fish"
When we act like a 20 hour road trip is like a trip to town.
When we sing way off and my sister says we're stupid and sound like dying cows.
When we went for runs and then stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream...pointless work out.
When we find random things on pinterest and end up failing miserably.

Man, my life would be soooo boring if we weren't friends. :) Here's to friendship!


Haley Phillips said...

It's so fantastic to have true friendship! I hope you guys will keep up this awesome friendversary thing!

Beka said...

Aww! I still laugh really hard at the ''jelly fish thing'' he was so weird! I can't to make more memories! <3 you