December 1, 2012

Powder Puff 2012

Last week, my sister and I got on the field.

It was her first year of Powder Puff.

She's a freshman and I'm a sophomore.

It's a yearly tradition at our small charter school.

Like always, it was {freshman and seniors} against the {sophomores and juniors}.

Definitely a BLAST!

Right when the game started - Wasn't too cold, especially if you were in long sleeves and running most of the time.

Close to the end of the game! :)

The Pink Ladies - Sophomores & Juniors


The Avengers - Freshman & Seniors

Looking forward to next year, where Erin & I can be on the same team!

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Mary said...

This post made me happy! Looks like a blast! You powder puff girls are all so cute(=