December 12, 2012

teenage moment

So a conversation kind of went like this tonight with my mom...

8:30 pm - dark and fa-reez-ing

Mom: Go get the mail and shovel
Me: uhhhhhhh
Mom: Hurry go! Stick some boots on.
Me: *does as she says*

A short time later

Me: *walks to the entry way* What?
Mom: *points to her uggs* Those are NOT winter boots!
Me: They'll be dry in the morning.
Mom: They are soaking wet.
Me: Yeah they'll be dry in the morning...You said stick on some boots.
Mom: WINTER boots.
Me: Well I didn't hear that don't have to act like the whole world is against you.

9:30 pm
Mom: *cleans up and goes to bed without saying another word*
Me: {In my head} Grrreat! She either A. Hates my guts B. Wanted to yell at me but kept her cool C. Does think the world is against her. OR D. All of thee above

I'm gonna go with D......awesome. Nice Michlyn! Way to completely and fully make your mom feel even better about herself. 0 gold stars.

Goodnight blogworld! I'm gonna start fresh in the morning.


Brooke said...

Yes, this happens to me like everyyyy day.:( But every day is a fresh start!:)

Laura J said...

hahah, love this! Even though it probably wasn't funny at the time.. and I probably shouldn't be laughing.. it was funny :)