December 21, 2012

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When you rush from store to store, last minute and get things off your Christmas list.
When you watch crazy people spend way too much money.
When you bake cookies with your grandma.
When you watch humble people stand outside and ring that annoying great bell.
When you look out the window and the earth is covered in a white sheet. 
When you get a tree and decorate it until it's hanging to the ground
When you drive around town and look at the beautiful lights on peoples' houses.
When we remember the birth of that special little baby, Jesus, born more than 2000 years ago.
When you pray to the Lord Almighty that you don't crash on the icy roads.
When you bundle up warm from the cold weather.
When you drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies.
When you get a nice long break from school.
When you wrap gifts up for everyone in your family.
When you see pretty bows and shiny ribbons.
When you eat too much at the many gatherings you attend.
When you are especially grateful and giving.


1 comment:

Brittany said...

Amen! Such a good reminder... By the way, I love the picture! You are gorgeous!