December 16, 2012


Hi everyone.

I have about 3 posts in drafts right now.

Some touch ups and 1 click will give you some posts about my oh-so-crazy life.

You guys are fantastic! I seriously don't know what I would do without followers.

My blog would be so boring. But not useless, because it's a special place for me.

Anyway...I have been missing. Don't worry...I am still here. Alive and healthy.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I'll probably be missing most of this week as well.

My mom needs some prayers...not feeling so well and has gone to the doctor's office more than once.

I'm finishing up behind the wheel and then my license test is on Friday...eeeekkk people! I need some prayers on that too. To do my very best, not be nervous, and passing would seal the deal.

I still have holiday shopping to do. Urgh...why does everything have to get done all at once?

LOTS of finals and tests this week. I'm not in college, but I go to a college prep school and trust me... The academics are exhausting. seriously. teenagers need a break.

I guess that's why CHRISTMAS BREAK STARTS IN APPROXIMATELY 4 DAYS! Thursday is our last day, and then we'll top it off with some basketball games that night to support are small but always entertaining school.

Talk to you on Friday after my test, to let you know how everything goes...that is if I survive. :)

Hope your holidays are just as busy & I'm not going crazy!

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