December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Well this year sure has been an adventure!!!

It started out really great and there were some definite bumps in the road.

God pulled me through and lo and behold - a new year is just 12 hours away! :)

Here's my year in review for 2012!

January - I had one of the best nights of my life! Our school's annual Snowdaze Dance 2012 was a hit! You can click here and here to read more.

February - I enjoyed the Valentine's Dinner at our church and then one of our youth group's favorite conferences EVER; Dare2Share!

March - I ventured on an 8 hour drive (each way) with my choir and band from school. We made our way to Chicago for 3 days. Which you can read more about herehere, & here.

April - I took a little blogging break, but still brought you a few pictures from the morning sunrise to showing you Polyvore and my best friend.

May - My family and I celebrated the 8th birthday of my angel baby sister and my other sister turned 14. Another fun youth event was our end of the year party w/ inflatables!!! (school year)

June - In the beginning it was rough. This was probably the worst part of 2012...I shared that we had lost our youth pastor, but were preparing to leave for one of the biggest youth conferences EVER in 4 days!  This trip ended up being soooo amazing! God really pulled through, and I'm super excited to go back in a couple years. I REALLY encourage you to watch the video of our trip right here! :)

(Some clothes I was loving [still am] from Pinterest)
July - This month I finally got a Pinterest! Wooohooo! I absolutely love it! If you want to follow me, you can click on that button in my sidebar. :)

August - I celebrated my 1st blogiversary & my 200th post! My blog has come a long ways, and now I have 44 followers! It's been a great ride so far and I hope to keep blogging for a long time!!

>Here's volleyball, school, and instagram all in one!< :)

September - It was the first full month of my Sophomore year! I love school & seeing my friends! I just hate homework and presentations. haha :) I also started playing volleyball and got an Instagram. Some of you have asked, but I haven't wanted to share yet...Anyway if you want to follow me now you can at michlynk_fisher.

October - This was definitely a break month for me, and I got a lot of sweet comments that people were missing me. So I brought you some pinterest favesschool moments, & a little of my life.

November - I turned 16 this month! I did share though that it wasn't exactly a sweet 16. Since this is also the month of Thanksgiving, I started "Insta-Week". So through Instagram for a whole week, I posted a picture of something I was thankful for. Here is day 1, and then you can just go to the next one from there if you want. I also decided I was going to get a haircut.

December - This month was soooo busy! I can't even believe that it has gone so fast. I'm kind of glad it did though. My sister and I played some powder puff & volleyball ended for me. I also told you some stuff you didn't know about me and welcomed you to the northpole. Since school projects were due, and I had numerous things to do...I took a little week vacation until Christmas break arrived. My best friend Beka & I have been best friends for 2 years. Then I brought you my crazy blessed Christmas!

Here's to another great year ahead! May God bless you in many ways!


Emma said...

I LOVE pinterest!


Haley Phillips said...

YOU are so beautiful. And from your blog I can tell that your beauty goes so much deeper than how you look! I love the new look to your blog, it's great!