December 6, 2012

Stuff You Don't Know About Me.

I was inspired by Brooke to do this post.

i have troubles with math.
i hate embarrassing myself. blushing is a weakness.
i worry about money.
sometimes i think i'm fat.
i worry what others think of my clothes/hair.
i am sooo self-conscious about my face. those darn zits.
sometimes i wish i had a boyfriend - no matter how much i say i don't.
i hate waking up early. definitely a night owl.
i despise really short shorts.
i am a christian, but have stumbled with my faith lately. 
drama. ugh. nuff said.
i like to write. yes, even in my free time.
adoption is the hardest thing we have ever been through.
some days i wish my life could rewind to 6th grade.
i worry about the silliest & dumbest things.
i would rather be with my friends at school than at home. usually.
i'm a little nervous to get my license.
if i'm crabby - don't tell me. just leave me alone.
i get jealous at the most ridiculous stuff.
i wish i could travel the world.
one of my goals is to become a photographer.
i love romance movies. my favorite is letters to juliet.
i think dishes are the worst chore ever.
i don't do my own laundry. i know. shocking.
i'm a huge hunger games fan. do not like twilight at all.

The End.



Britt said...

your post sounds a lot like me!! :) I enjoyed reading this. thanks for sharing your heart and a bit of yourself!! :) you sound like a really neat person!

Beka said...

Awesome post! But twilight is way better then the Hunger Games. If you watch twilight I will watch Hanger Games.


Jo said...

Uh, math and I just don't get along either! Sounds like we have a lot in common. I really like this post. :)

Betsy C. said...

I awarded you

Haley Phillips said...

YES! I love letters to juliet!! And writing is my favorite! It's such a stress reliever.
Faith is such a complicated yet wonderful thing. Stumbling makes you stronger when it comes down to the bigger picture. As a sister in Christ, I love you and if you ever need encouragement feel free to email me at! Love your blog girl!

Laura J said...

wow. wow. wow!! SOOO many of these are JUST like me!! Lets see, I hate math. I hate embarrassing myself. sometimes, I think i'm fat. I worry what others think of my clothes&hair. i OFTEN wish I had a boyfriend, though I usually say I do. I'm a HUGE night owl. I'm a Christian. I love to write. I worry about silly things. I get jealous. I want to travel. I think dishes are the worst chore ever. I'm a huge hunger games fan. and I hate twighlight. :)
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