July 29, 2013

Beka {July 2013}

Most of you know, that Beka is one of my best friends! We've known each other a really long time, and we love to do photo shoots together. :) We hope to do another one this summer but just a few days ago, we took some at the farm where her horse is.

It was a really fun day & we got some great shots! :)



Brooklyn said...

Aww she's so pretty! Gorgeous blue eyes.:)

Great pictures, Michlyn-I think the last one is my favorite.:)

Hannah said...

I love them! :)

Emma Kate said...

You did get some great shots! :) She is so beautiful :)

S.W. said...

Oh my, wonderful pictures Michlyn!
Beka's so pretty. :) Her hat and belt and boots are gorgeous!!! I LOVE THEM. :) And her horse is so sweet! What's his/her name?

Kennedy said...

She is so pretty! The last one is my favorite. She looks so happy.

Michlyn said...

I'll make sure she reads these comments girls! Her horse is a boy and his name is Joey. Ikr? She is gorgeous! Kennedy and Brooke, the last one was definitely a favorite for us too! :)


Beka said...

Thank you girls!!:) You are all so sweet!