July 7, 2013

New Orleans - One Year Ago

Wow. Time does fly. I mean it must seriously grow wings and fly faster than we think.

One year ago today I was stepping off of a coach bus with 42 other students. Pillow and carry-on bag in my hand, best friend and sister by my side, searching for my dad in the crowd of parents.

It was such a journey. An incredible experience. When I look back and see the pictures, read the posts, and watch the videos...I just want to go back. That week was unforgettable. There were some bumps (big ones) but we got through it and glorified God at the same time.

Strength. That's one word I want to use to describe my youth group. We lost our youth pastor around 13 months and now we have a new and incredibly awesome one. But we seriously have been through a lot. Something we always point out is say how "cliquey" or "snotty" we are compared to other youth groups. Yes, there are some weaknesses. Our strength though...literally, IS strength.

That trip transformed the way we saw each other. Whether most of us forgot about it or it washed away...it's true.

And today I'm especially remembering some of the best times of my life! God has richly blessed me with more support, friends, and love than I could ever have thought of. Now for the throwback.....

These pictures bring back so many laughs, hand raising in worship, crazy bus rides, and growing 
in my faith with some of my favorite people on earth!


P.S. If you want to read more about my New Orleans trip you can start here or here or just watch the video here! 

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