July 1, 2013

Hurry up, It's true!

So GFC (Google Friend Connect) actually is shutting down...TODAY! Which means you won't be able to follow blogs anymore through Google.

Don't give up hope though!
You can go to bloglovin.com and make an account within 5 minutes. It imports all your Google blogs for you and you can still read new posts from the blogs you follow.

After today you won't get to directly see my new posts, and I would love for you to keep reading! I mean 54 followers is awesome! So you can click right here to keep following my blog via bloglovin'!

Us bloggers are especially sad to see GFC go.



S.W. said...

I'm following on Bloglovin! :)

Hannah said...

All ready did it :) Though I thought it was shutting down today. Oh well, we'll see.

Hannah said...

So... it's shutting down on July 1st. I wonder why I still have google friend connect then? it's July 2nd in Australia :-? I certainly hope that friend connect doesn't leave us, because that's the way I keep up with everyones' blogs.