July 10, 2013

Just to Sum it all Up

Most of you know that I wrote another series starting last month and I think it went fairly well.

I got some wonderful responses and I thank everyone who gave me encouragement and said how much they loved the posts. This series was kind of difficult for me to write because some things I had never really written about. Some of it might have taken you by surprise, but I was so happy with the comments I received. :)

So if anyone missed my latest series or you are a brand new follower, I put the links down below with a  description. Or if you just want to skip it all and go to the tab above and click on 'My Blog Series', that's ok too!

Thank you all for being thoughtful and wonderful followers! Your comments make my day!

In this post, I wrote about beauty. What I see in myself when I look in the mirror and how confidence isn't always what I see in my body. But you can be that radiant girl who believes in who she is.

2. Behind the Scenes of Adoption
So this one was especially hard. I've written on my family's blog about some difficulties that adoption has brought us. But to actually put full fledged, raw words and publish it here...that was a little nerve wracking. I know quite a few of you have adopted and everyone's journeys are different. If you want to read about it, feel free!

3. Wish I'd never Grown up.
This one was about growing up. How it's all innocence and free-spirit when you're little. I wrote about how puberty is natural and that responsibility is a lot of what maturing is. God created us all differently. But don't waste your teen years just becoming mature...make sure you have fun too!

Bad language. Swearing. We've all heard it. And it's something I wish my peers wouldn't do. And could erase from the mouths of adults that I look up to. But I can't. Because you're only responsible for you and what comes from your mouth. So make sure it's something that Jesus and your grandparents would want to hear. ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 


S.W. said...

Hey Michlyn!
I just thought I'd say it was an awesome series and you've got a lot of gut to write about (and post) the things you did.
Have a great day!

Michlyn said...

Thank you sooo much! It actually was a pretty adventurous sereis! You're a lovely follower!


S.W. said...