July 6, 2013

Her Favorite thing to Do!

My sister Erin LOOOVVEESSS SOCCER! I don't know what she would do without it.
She's been playing since she was 7 years old...that's 8 years!

She's probably the fastest runner in the history of teenage girls, and can kick that ball far!

It's so much fun to watch her team play. They work together, communicate, and of course use the 
occasional tricks. :)

Last week, Erin's best friend & I were able to go watch her play. Unfortunately they lost, but it an awesome game to watch. And then last weekend, their team made it to the championship and got 2nd place!

Keep your game strong sister! 


Miss H (Gimnastic─â) said...

What position does your sister play? I'm usually in goal or mid field. :D My BFF, who loves soccer and is really good, persuaded me to join. :D

Michlyn said...

She usually plays midfield, because she's really good defense but can run soooo fast, so she loves forward too. It's such a fun game to watch and play!