July 22, 2013

This is Real.

my face isn't flawless.
i make mistakes.
i have insecurities.
i don't have all the best clothes.
my heart is being protected for one guy only.
i don't have an iphone.
i don't get everything i want.
my faith & family come first.
i don't get an allowance.
i have enemies.
i don't wear bikinis.
my hair isn't perfect.
i worry about unnecessary things.
i have friends of both genders.
i've been known to fangirl.
i'm a christian in this world.

This is Real.

You can judge me as you please, but this is me. And I'm staying right here where I can write these things and feel safe. Safe to know that Jesus is the only true judge & and that I'm living this life He gave me, best to my ability. If you follow me then you're gonna have to learn with me too.



Hannah said...

Thank you for showing us your true, beautiful self! I don't think there are enough people in the world who can really truly show everyone their true self.

I think that what happened with Brooke's first blog is horrible! How in the world could people be so mean!?

Kennedy Dukes said...

Yes! Originally, Brooke and I were going to start it together but I am too busy right now. But, hopefully I will start writing on it soon. Thanks for featuring it. We hope to grow it really big. You are beautiful. Thanks for showing your true self.

Emma said...

I am totally following your friends blog. I love this post b/c lots of blogs are so 'perfect', but yours is great while you are yourself. And your not afraid to share the 'imperfect' side of you.


S.W. said...

Nice. Very nice!! :)

I'm so sorry that your friend Brooke was getting nasty comments. That's just too bad and such a shame.
Good for her for making a new blog!! That's just awesome!

Brooklyn said...

I love you guys so much.

Hannah, aww thank ya, hon. It's okay.:)
Kens, you're writing on it soon.;)
Emma, wow thanks!
S.W., thanks for being encouraging!:)

You are so amazing, Michlyn. I want to cry. This is the best post ever. The real you-that is the you I love.<3

Thank you for mentioning it. I so so appreciate it.

Michlyn said...

You girls are all so encouraging and important to me! Thank you for noticing that life IS real. And for the sweet comments you left for Brooke...you can see she feels loved!


Brooklyn said...

Yes, I certainly do.:)

I love your new design.
Your beauty blows me away. It's not just outward; it's inward too.
Okay, I will stop commenting so much.xD

I lub lou!

Emily Beth said...

I love the real stuff, I hate how glamorized the whole "my life is perfect" style of blogging has become. I've said it before, but I just LOVE your honesty.