July 9, 2013


My sister's best friend just got a puppy a couple months ago.

Oh my goodness gracious. The most. Adorable. Thing. Ever.

She used to be so small that she fit in your hand, but has grown to around 10 1lbs now. 4 months old.

Her name is Jessie.

Her bark is so cute that you actually laugh instead of scold her.

She has the cutest  little tongue and it's surprisingly very long.

She loves watching birds.

And she has the littlest and most adorable face.

When she wants to go to sleep, she just curls herself into a little ball and closes her eyes.

Love this dog so much!


Miss H (Gimnastic─â) said...

awww.... adorable!! <3

Michlyn said...

Isn't she? I just love playing with her!